Our Mission

Is to serve those living in high-poverty neighborhoods in the city of Chicago who are typically exposed to multiple on-going traumas, such as generational school failure, drug abuse, incarceration, and violence in and out of the home. Too much exposure to chronic trauma increases the likelihood of negative outcomes for everyone living in these conditions. Mental health challenges in underserved areas affects the entire city.

The lack of quality healthcare, quality education, quality housing, economic hardships, social justice, access to opportunity and infrastructure development are at the base of our daily mental health in underserved communities. These unresolved traumas are a major underlying issue in our communities, which also affects how people can respond to many of these challenges. The beauty of our work is rooted in creating necessary opportunities for people to open up and rebuild their lives. we're Encouraging the black & brown community to speak up for themselves.

Creating access to physical, emotional and mental well-being, while also working to create economical opportunities. You can’t truly focus on your mental health if you’re too busy trying to survive. We work daily through a coffee shop model to help normalize their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

We Normalize

  • The Physical - job, food, clothing, housing,
  • The Emotional - provide community, safe spaces for creative expression, and expert support
  • Education about the importance of our Mental health, while providing free access to talk and group therapy.