We are here to help and make a difference:

We’re preparing for our first Spring/Summer at our new location and we need your help. Transitioning from a traveling pop-up to a combined 75 hours of café operations and free weekly mental health programming has been challenging, but we are absolutely committed to this work. Each week, the Café holds space for at least 100 folks who participate in our yoga, men's group therapy, journaling/meditation, and our Sunday co-ed discussions.

In the next 30 days, we're looking to raise $100,000. These funds will go towards hiring more staff, payroll support, Café supplies, furniture and merchandise. Reaching this goal will help us work stress-free, clear therapist, facilitator and contractor invoices, and maximize our beautiful café space, so we can continue to do the heart work. Every dollar makes a difference. We thank you Community!

If you are interested in supporting us, Donate here. We deeply appreciate your support!